5 Safe Activities to do with Your Roommates this Summer

By Alicia Geigel

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed our normal summer routines, from commuting to work to going to restaurants. Since the pandemic started spreading in March, many states have been in lockdown, with local governments enforcing restrictions regarding work, shopping, visiting hospitals and health care facilities, and social gatherings. While the virus has shown signs of slowing down, several states have seen a spike in cases due to a number of people ignoring CDC guidelines.

Most of us anticipated the virus to calm down by the summer, however, the recent spike in cases tell a different story. With several states enforcing restrictions and potentially going into lockdown again, it can be discouraging and disappointing to figure out activities to do with your roommates this summer. Though some of your normal summer routines or traditions are being interfered with because of the pandemic, there are still ways to have fun with your roommates.

Are you dreading the rest of the summer because of the pandemic? Looking for safe ways to enjoy some time with your roommates? Here are five safe, fun activities to do with your roommates this summer!

1. Bike Ride in the Park: During the pandemic, staying indoors for most of us has been mandatory. While being at home is nice, there is only so much Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube that you and your roommates can watch before it gets old and quite frankly, suffocating. Though going outside during the pandemic is a risk, there are activities you can do to have virtually zero risk of coming in contact with the virus. If there is a large park nearby, consider getting your bike and riding throughout the park with your roommates! This keeps contact with others to a minimum, while being able to enjoy the beauty and freshness of the outdoors.

Roommates: 5 Safe Activities to do with Your Roommates this Summer

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2. Drive-in Movie Theater: Summertime is always a huge season of the year for blockbuster movies. From scary movies to hilarious comedies, there never seems to be a shortage of great films to watch with your friends at the movie theater. As seating is close together in movie theaters, many have been closed down until further notice during the pandemic, leaving people wondering where they can get the same theater experience. Drive-in movies aren’t just a thing of the past anymore, rather, they are something that is becoming popular again! If there is a drive-in movie event in your area, gather up your roommates in the car and head over with some snacks, drinks, and of course, the popcorn! Watching movies like this not only keeps everyone at a safe distance, but it also gives you a chance to do something run out of the house!

Student Roommates: 5 Safe Activities to do with Your Roommates this Summer

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3. Walk in Your Neighborhood: There is nothing better than strolling around the neighborhood on a breezy summer night, watching the sunset, and breathing in the warm air of life around you. If you and your roommates are bored, get out of the house and go for a walk in your neighborhood or nearby if possible. Be sure to maintain distance between you and other people that may be walking by, as well as wear a proper face mask. Though it’s not the most exciting, it is a safe way to hang out with your roommates. You could even bring some music to make the walk more fun!

Roommate Tips: 5 Safe Activities to do with Your Roommates this Summer

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4. Go to the Beach: In recent weeks, beaches have been a growing hub for people to flock to and unfortunately, spread the virus. While it is not an activity with the lowest risk of contracting the virus, going to the beach is a low-medium risk activity that you and your roommates can do. If you go to the beach, absolutely maintain six feet of distance between your group and others. Seek out a secluded area of the beach so you don’t have to worry about large crowds, and if possible, try to stay in motion during your visit.

Roommate Finder: 5 Safe Activities to do with Your Roommates this Summer

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5. Have an Outdoor Picnic: What is more fun during the summertime than having a picnic with your cherished roommates? Sure, you all could sit around your kitchen table and have lunch but where is the fun in that? Pick a beautiful day, make sandwiches, assemble snacks and yummy desserts, grab some cold drinks, and pack everything in a basket. Head to a favorite spot, perhaps in a park, or even somewhere outside your home/apartment, and enjoy sitting in the grass being warmed by the sun. Again, social distancing from others is key; wear a face mask and do not share utensils or food with anyone other than your group.

College Roommates: 5 Safe Activities to do with Your Roommates this Summer

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Finding ways to have fun with your roommates during the pandemic may seem impossible, but these small activities can give you the opportunity to enjoy each other while staying safe at the same time!

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