Fun At-Home Workouts To Do With Your Roommate

By Danielle Wirsansky

If you are in quarantine due to the pandemic but still want to get your workout on, then this is the article for you! And if your roommate wants to join in on the fun, even better. Being stuck in the house for weeks on end can be pretty draining and it can be hard to find ways to work out or even stay motivated to work out. So if you and your roommate can get on the same page, working out together, even just at home, might be enough to help snap you out of your funk or keep you on track until the gym is a safe spot to return to.

You most likely do not have a lot of gym equipment at home, but you can use your partner to get the most out of your workout instead. Read on for some fun at-home workouts to do with your roommate!

Wheelbarrow Squat Pushups

This exercise titles might seem a little bit daunting but it is actually a lot of fun if you can stay focused on the exercise rather than laughing about your position. Each of you can take turns in the different positions so that you all get the full workout.

This exercise is nice because both partners are doing something a little bit different at the same time and no one has to wait around to wait for the other to finish their rep. It will not work unless the partners are in sync because they have to rely on each other to get the stretch done.

Partner A gets into a plank position, with their arms holding them up high. Partner B stands behind them by their feet. When Partner A is ready, Partner B grasps their ankles and hold them up in a wheelbarrow position. Once that position is attained. Partner A will bend their elbows into a push-up. At the same time, Partner B will do a deep squat, keeping Partner A’s legs level. About 10 reps will be enough to help you feel the burn.

Partner A needs to use their core to keep their body straight throughout the exercise. Partner B needs to do their part to keep Partner A’s body straight too and keep their back straight as they do their squats.

High Five Squat Jumps

If you and your exercise partner want to do the same kind of stretch in an exercise together and want one that will bring some positivity to your workout, then the high five squat jumps are for you.

This is a pretty simple exercise. If you know how to squat and how to high five, then you have already got this exercise down. Both partners should stand side by side facing the same direction. Leave a little bit of room between you. When you are ready to start, both partners should get down in a deep squat and then use this position’s momentum to jump upwards. As you jump, each partner should lift the arm closest to the other partner and high five. It will keep you and your partner in sync too because you have to high five each other at the same time. This exercise might also help you work on your coordination, because high fiving each other can sometimes be a struggle all on its own, never mind the deep squats in between them like in this exercise.

If you really want to bring some positivity into this exercise, you and your partner can say something positive to each other every time that you high five, like “You got this!” “We are so close!” and “Nailed it!” You can keep going until you lose your breath and can no longer say your positive mantras. But aim to do at around 20 reps if possible.

Clapping Side Plank

Another great partner exercise is the clapping side plank. The side plank is where you lay on your side and then elevate yourself to bear your weight on one arm and stretch your body out, with your top foot stacked on top of the other one. It is important to keep your core tight. Get into your side plank, but the partners should be back to back.

The hand that is free should come forward to wrap around your torso to clap your partner’s hand behind your back. Then stretch it up straight and high. Get some momentum as you move your arm and rotate it around so that you can high five your partner up in the air as well.

Use all this time at home to better bond with your roommate and keep yourself accountable with your health and fitness goals despite being stuck at home. Have the best time you can with these fun, at-home workouts!

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